EQUIPHOTEL x IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

Hospitality of tomorrow

3 projects to discover in the Innovation Lab - Pavilion 7.3

EquipHotel Paris, in partnership with IED, has invited 11 students to investigate the topic of the “Lobby of Tomorrow” within the hospitality field, throughout new post-pandemic scenarios driven by new economic and cultural paradigms.

Particular attention will be surely given to all the aspects related to sustainability, new technologies as well as innovation.

Thus, is highly recommended a transdisciplinary and deep research, driven by a multicultural approach, with a broader view discovering new hospitality concepts, considering all the new potential frontiers, focusing on the new travel needs.

Project Afro futurism

Project Down the Memory Lane


The three projects

Afro futurism

"We envision hospitality as a cultural hub, spanning from ancient markets to today’s online platforms.

The aim is to give justice to exploited minorities, as in West Africa.

We explore a sci-fi path of liberation, merging ancient traditions with technology to create the Cyber Africa narrative, safeguarding and enhancing its magical cultural heritage.”

Down the memory Lane

"Down The Memory Lane is a visionary project that aims to engage the senses and emotions in the future lobby.

Utilizing cutting-edge technological innovations, the lobby aims to preserve and evoke memories, while facilitating the creation of new ones.

This innovative space offers a diverse range of journeys for individuals.”


"Our proposal for the lobby of tomorrow represents a bold departure from traditional lobby design, offering a holistic approach that prioritizes community, sustainability, and inclusivity.

As we invite you to envision a few possibility of urban living, we are confident that our future will hold a development towards cities that contain more rewilded natural retreats.”

About IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

IED is the largest Higher Education Network in the creative field to have maintained a global outlook and a deeply Italian cultural matrix, since 1966. Our educational experience has changed over time but continues to be based on a simple and effective model: we combine theory with practice and knowledge brought into the classroom by professionals from the world of work. We teach our students to be one step ahead, in the present.

We are an inclusive, transdisciplinary school that uses design as a universal language for change. We have partnerships with universities and academies and are members of major international academic networks such as, for example, Cumulus, Elia and WDO.

IED was born in Milano in 1966 and now it’s an international Group with a proudly local outlook and 11 campuses in 3 countries, Italy, Spain and Brazil (Milano, Como trough Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli, Firenze, Torino, Roma, Cagliari, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, through Kunsthal, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro).

We are a community of designers inspired and guided by a shared vision.

We stimulate potential agents of change: competent, aware, talented designers who interpret design creativity with ethics, technical skills and an innovative vision. Our campus communities are the places to carry out our mission, and spread it.

Our courses are aggregation opportunities for shared interests. We continuously reflect on the importance of learning and its ability to respond to the needs of new generations.