Pavilion 7.1

With spas, thalassotherapy, thermal baths, gyms, bathrooms and outdoor spaces, the wellness sector is reinventing itself. Relaxation, well-being, lightness and nature are driving offerings for a younger, working clientele.

From jacuzzis to bathrooms and treatment rooms, it's all about comfort, ergonomics and soft lighting. At the same time, staff are being trained in hospitality, with closer attention to their well-being at work. Self-care is for everyone.

Wellness exhibitors

Business sectors

  • Linen and professional textiles
  • Bedding
  • Guest amenities and accessories
  • Spa & wellness

Our exhibitors

Selection of 2024 exhibitors

Space for skincare brands and premium suppliers 

Highlighting a selection of high-end brands and suppliers showcasing their know-how and expertise in the hotel spa sector.

This will include conference sessions, competitions, meetings and networking!

In partnership with

Wellness programme

French Championship of Massage

Since 2010, the French Massage Championship has been the historic event for wellness professionals and the reference for massage competitions!

With the aim of reaching for excellence in wellness massage, to ensure that this competition is always more qualitative and to move away from school codes, the candidates present a "signature" massage from the establishment that they represent.

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Ergonomics space: Ergo Room

The CRAMIF is offering a pavilion bringing together companies whose aim is to provide a practical response to occupational health issues. 

A showcase pavilion in Pavilion 4 of the EquipHotel exhibition will feature a real-life demonstration of innovative equipment, offering visitors a preventive solution to all types of workplace accident and a real opportunity to discover practical solutions for preventing MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders), improving working conditions for teams and combating sick leave.

Rooms and common areas for ALL!

The Senses Room showcases solutions, equipment and innovations to facilitate hotel access for people with disabilities and make their experience more enjoyable.

“Design for all” and new technologies to adapt rooms and common areas.

Experiential and sensory space featuring the latest generation of equipment for people with reduced mobility.