5 of the most influencial hotels and restaurants from the New Wave of hospitality are partnering with EquipHotel

Hotels are constantly evolving and have become a place where people can eat, work, have fun, and work out any time of the day or night. These are spaces shared between overnight guests, people coming through, and the staff who bring them to life, offering opportunities for all kinds of encounters. Today, hotels are broadening out their range of services, and becoming places where people come sleep, dine, work or hang out with family or friends. Hotels aren’t the only ones undergoing these changes; restaurants are too. New culinary concepts are being developed and popping up everywhere in pursuit of greater flexibility.

There’s nothing better to illustrate these multiple facets of the hotel and restaurant sector than the industry's new faces.

We sought out the tribes who are thinking outside the box and breathing new life into the hospitality sector by bringing fresh perspective and creating the experiences of tomorrow.

Whether made up of families, friends or business associates, our 5 tribes will be taking centre stage at the trade show!

EquipHotel will be giving them carte blanche with conference sessions, roundtables, live performances, cooking or musical shows, mixology and more.


“Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia” in Milan, is the worldwide symbol of Italian gourmet identity. Chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani bring their modern flare to the tastes and flavours of their country.

Every day, they draw inspiration from the best products from a market, vegetable garden, producer or wine-grower to share their passion for cooking. Their cuisine is modern, sustainable, healthy, refined and in line with Italy’s rich gourmet heritage.

Sunday, November 15th 2020 - 10:30am-11:15am


An immediate immersion behind the scenes of the Milanese star restaurant Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia. How is Italian gastronomy and its environment reinventing itself in 2020?

Answers by: Stefania Moroni and chiefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, restaurant owners of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, the gallery owner Rossana Orlandi and the architect Tiziano Vudafieri (studio Vudafieri Saverino & partners).


Experimental Group works as a group of friends, achieving success by working together. Their bars and hotels are making waves from Paris to London, New York, Venice, Menorca and Verbier.

People come to their establishments for the bohemian chic atmosphere, good drinks, good food, unique rooms, views, and spaces that unify and bring together a community.

Monday, November 16th 2020 

TALKS HOSPITALITY & TECH - Hall 7.3 - 10:30am-11:15am

How a team of friends can get united, get together and give life to the Experimental group?

Answers by: Olivier Bon, Co-Founder of Experimental Group / Dorothée Meilichzon, interior architect and designer / the starred chef Grégory Marchand

BAR SPACE - Hall 7.2 - 6pm-6:45pm

Cocktail workshop & local traditions - World Wine & Terroir workshop


MOB HOTEL is committed to good, organic and local products, working with committed partners. They are human, deliberately imperfect, constantly experimenting, free, persevering and inclusive.

These trailblazers set up business in neighbourhoods where people live and work together to create the new paradigms of tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 17th 2020 / TALKS DURABLE - Pavilion 4

10h30-11h15 Conference 

Organic, local and "social ecology": how are these values applicable in the hotel and foodservice industry?

Answers by: Cyril Aouizerate, founder of MOB Hotel / Paolo Sari, chef, consultant for MOB / Cyrielle Hariel, journalist

All day long

Musical interludes between conferences and distribution of a journal created especially for EquipHotel.


Maison Albar Hotels represents the fourth generation of a hotel dynasty, where French art of living and hospitality have been passed on seamlessly over the years.

With locations in Paris, Nîmes, Porto, and soon in Nice, their warm and luxurious glitz-free and inconspicuous boutique hotels are places where the bar, spa and restaurant become destinations, remaining true to their family roots and attention to the utmost quality.

Wednesday, November 18th 2020 / TALKS HOSPITALITY & TECH - Hall 7.3


How to preserve a "family-minded" in a hostel and a restaurant in 2020?

Answers by: Céline Falco, Co-Founder of Maison Albar Hotels and comes from the 4th generation of the Albar family's hoteliers / Jean-Bernard Falco, Co-founder of Maison Albar Hotels


Award ceremony for the INNOVATION AWARDS competition chaired by Céline Falco.

Know more about the competition


25hours hotels cater to urban travellers, cosmopolitans, and connected nomads who work everywhere at any time, but who also want to enjoy a change of scenery and relax.

Located in the heart of major cities across Europe, with new hotels set to open in Florence and Dubai in 2020, their establishments each have their own unique and striking personalities. The idea is to appeal to globetrotters of the 21st Century and offer them a familiar place of retreat.

Thursday, November 19th 2020 / TALKS HOSPITALITY & TECH - Hall 7.3


How to receive and build loyalty while opening up to partying, art and the art of setting the table?

Answers by: Christoph Hoffmann, Co-Founder and CEO of 25hours or Bruno Marti, Brand Chef of 25hours and Alex Toledano, Art Director of parisian 25Hours 


Book launch and signing of Portraits of the Gare du Nord by Alex Toledano, Co-Founder and Visto Images President.