Pavilion 4

New trends and habits are shaking up the way people eat in restaurants. On the one hand, delivery and “click & collect” are on the rise. On the other, carving and flambéing in front of guests are making a comeback.

The same is true for institutional catering, where people are looking to integrate organic food, experimenting with farm-to-table and short supply chains, including more vegetarian dishes and rethinking meals for the elderly. Everything is changing, including equipment, utensils, accessories, and packaging, with new innovations and increasing awareness of obsolescence and recycling issues.

Foodservice exhibitors

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  • Kitchen equipment
  • Coffee making, sommellerie, bars & vending machines
  • Food products
  • Beverages
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  • Hygiene & cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Tableware
  • Disposable 
  • Signage
  • Foodtech

Our exhibitors

Selection of 2024 exhibitors

F&B Corner

New trends and habits are shaking up the way people eat in restaurants.

The need for innovation, new products and new appeal is growing...

Hospitality is the real trend incubator!

The manufacturers' village

EquipHotel announces the creation of a new space dedicated to professional kitchen equipment suppliers and offers a new way to forge connections between chefs and industrialists, between cooks, kitchen designers, and manufacturers of professional equipment!

A friendly environment and a controlled budget to meet and exchange with hospitality and restaurant professionals.

Spirits Village

EquipHotel collaborates closely with the Association of French Bartenders for the creation and programming of a Spirits stage.

A new space for discussion, training, creation, competitions, and unexpected encounters between spirits and hospitality professionals.


To support restaurant owners in accelerating their technological transformation, EquipHotel offers a dedicated space for Tech in the Pavilion 4.

It showcases products dedicated to restaurant services.

Foodservice programme

Scène Ouverte

A new space dedicated to Eating Well

The Scène Ouverte is designed as a unique place for meeting and sharing ideas around fresh Foodservice talent and will feature three days of events organised by BON magazine (GOOD, in English), including a day of events in collaboration with Bleu Blanc Coeur called Chefs & Producers, followed by 2 days of culinary competitions.

The Scène Ouverte will serve as the meeting place for the most innovative equipment manufacturers, producers and numerous industry talents.

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Ergonomics space: Ergo Cook

The CRAMIF is offering a pavilion bringing together companies whose aim is to provide a practical response to occupational health issues. 

A showcase pavilion in Pavilion 4 of the EquipHotel exhibition will feature a real-life demonstration of innovative equipment, offering visitors a preventive solution to all types of workplace accident and a real opportunity to discover practical solutions for preventing MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders), improving working conditions for teams and combating sick leave.