Scène Ouverte

A new space dedicated to Eating Well

The Scène Ouverte is a new culinary scene designed as a unique place for meeting and sharing ideas around fresh Foodservice talent and will feature three days of events organised by BON magazine (GOOD, in English), including a day of events in collaboration with Bleu Blanc Coeur called Chefs & Producers, followed by 2 days of culinary competitions .

The Scène Ouverte will serve as the meeting place for the most innovative equipment manufacturers, producers and numerous industry talents.

“In November, at EquipHotel, cooking becomes an experience to be imagined, experienced and tasted for the love of food. This year, Scène Ouverte will create space for talking, creating, sharing, culinary performances and remarkable encounters with chefs"

Thierry Marx, Michelin-starred chef, Founder of BON magazine and President of Umih




From North to South in a mouthful - with a selection of talented young chefs


Chefs and food producers

with Bleu Blanc Coeur - orchestrated by ambassadors Guillaume Bouleau, a farmer, and Valérie Pons, a chef from Montauban


African cuisine

with Congolese chef Dieuveil Malonga as guest star

On 6 and 7 November, the Scène Ouverte will be transformed to host the regional final of the Gargantua competition and the Cuisine Trophy of the Cuillère d'or competition respectively.

Daily highlights

On show opening

GOOD notes

When should you drink your coffee? How can you enjoy it like a vintage wine?

10:45am - 11:30am

GOOD discoveries

Time to talk about products, different types of cuisine, skills, techniques, sensations, and hear different points of view about what to eat and drink from professionals 

12:00 noon - 1:00pm

GOOD equipment

Focus on culinary tradition and innovative equipment. 

1:30pm - 2:15pm

GOOD professionals

A different perspective on the day-to-day lives of chefs and restaurant professionals. 

2:30pm - 5:00pm

GOOD shows

Culinary performances will pit talented young chefs, Cuisine Mode d'Emploi(s) apprentices and Michelin-starred personalities against each other to work their wonders with a product and culminate with a tasting finale. 

From 5:30pm

GOOD tips

Personalities - artists, creatives, and more - are invited to swop ideas with chefs and hospitality professionals, and share their culture, products, ideas and tips for “eating better” and “eating differently”.


Official partners

Partner of the Scène Ouverte