Design and Hospitality: dare to draw on the audacity of youth

20 projects to discover in the Innovation Lab - Pavilion 7.3

EquipHotel Paris, in partnership with ENSCI - Les Ateliers, has invited 20 students from the Paris-based school, which is the first French public higher education institution devoted exclusively to design and thinking about new ways of living and entertaining in the hotel and restaurant industries. It’s also about exploring new ways of designing in a sector undergoing radical change, affected by health and economic crises, sustainable development and declining employee attractiveness.

Project Habiter la Mer (Living on the sea), Maël Masson

Project Nature escape, Catarina Gongalves

Project Otium, César Lardon

A farm, rooftop, industrial wasteland, third-party site, city centre, countryside, vacant offices, etc. The same scenario applied to uses such as sleeping, eating, working, cooking, meeting, and wellness. The sky was the limit. This inspired the 20 students to come up with 20 unique projects in which hospitality is embodied in the middle of a vineyard, a floating campground, a “vagabond village” or a “culinary big top tent”.

These 20 perspectives on hospitality have resulted in 5 atmospheres:

  • NEW HORIZONS, where hospitality is designed to unite, reunite and share
  • PLACES IN TRANSITION AND INTERSTICES, where travellers stay in unfamiliar territory 
  • THEMED SPACES, where the emphasis is on everything that gives feel-good vibes 
  • PUBLIC HOSPITALITY, where people come together to live better 
  • EXTENSIONS, where nature, air and imagination provide the perfect escape

Project Hush, Lïa Gauthier

Project Aerozen, Julie Edmond

About ENSCI - Les Ateliers

The École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle is placed under the dual authority of the Ministries of Culture and Industry. The first school entirely devoted to design in France, it has been cultivating, defending and transmitting the idea of design as industrial creation for 40 years.

The ENSCI-Les Ateliers trains versatile and singular industrial designers, capable of intervening in and rethinking the forms, uses and means of multiple societal fields. It favours a global, pragmatic and partnership-based approach that links and brings into action all the players in these fields. It involves both learning by doing and putting thought into action. Two initial training diplomas are awarded: Textile Designer and Industrial Designer, each of which has been awarded a Master's degree. It is ranked 40th out of the 800 best schools and universities in the world. www.ensci.com