Handling, rolling out and enjoying the benefits of digital tools

Digital technologies its processes the day-to-day operations of hotel and restaurant professionals. Autonomy, eco-responsibility, simplification & design are the key words of these supports and solutions that will make up the smart hotels and restaurants of tomorrow.

When it comes to customer/guest services, technology is the key to hybrid and coworking spaces. The functionality of the spaces has been rethought in the light of changes in user practices and the widespread use of digital tools. However going digital does not mean eliminating human relationships. It’s quite the opposite. The two go hand in hand.


Bertrand Blacha - VP global hotel technology, ACCOR

The health crisis has definitely given a new impetus to the digitalisation of all our brands, whether it be for our power brands (with eco, budget or mid-scale positioning) or our luxury and lifestyle brands. New digital processes have emerged much faster than expected.

There is a clear desire on the part of customers to limit contact, a phenomenon that is not about to disappear... At Accor, we had to completely rethink the customer journey, lightening it with digital solutions and optimising the human contact. A new global guideline that requires agility and adaptability. All the transversal departments linked to the customer experience, including ours, worked together to carry out this extraordinary transformation.

The advent of cloud technologies now allows us to meet these new expectations and to deploy them much more quickly than in the past. In addition, as these new solutions no longer require dedicated infrastructure within the hotels, we can further reduce our carbon footprint, which is a very important issue for Accor.

In the field, the new solutions proposed are acclaimed by our users and considerably revolutionise their stay. Accor Key, for example, allows guests to obtain their room key directly on their smartphone, Self Check-In kiosks also offer a different experience to customers in a hurry, and contactless payment is also developing more and more, either via prepayment or Pay by link type solutions. All of these technologies and many others save considerable time for both customers and our colleagues in the hotels.

These solutions allow us to provide the autonomy requested by our customers, to accelerate the tedious processes on the front desk or to optimise the tasks on the housekeeping, F&B and maintenance side, thus freeing up our teams' time and constantly improving the customer experience. We have just considerably strengthened our Guest Technology structure to accelerate the adoption of these solutions in the network.

This wide range of solutions is designed and deployed by the Accor Tech teams, hand in hand with all the other departments dedicated to optimising the customer experience. Above all, we listen to our hoteliers, going in situ to meet them around the world! We want to adapt the services and offer a range of optimised software in line with their needs, which differ from country to country and culture to culture.

The hotel of tomorrow? with the development of giants such as AWS or Sales Force, or via our various partners on the PMS (Property Management System) side, it will be resolutely rethought and improved, thanks in particular to artificial intelligence or voice and facial recognition. The smart hotel will continue its revolution and we must therefore constantly think about integrating the human element, capitalising on and optimising the solutions on which we can provide added value.

Please note : Accor's Design & Technical Services Luxury & Lifestyle Europe teams will be present at the Table Astronomique to meet architects, decorators and designers in anticipation of new international projects. See you on 8 and 9 November - Pav. 7.3 booth L94


Grégory Caraisco - Sales Hospitality Manager & Leisure, Samsung Electronics France

What do you see as the role of technology in the hospitality sector?

Technology is an essential part of our daily lives at home, but even more so in hotels, where we hope to find optimal comfort. As the leading digital signage company in the hotel industry, we are constantly striving to improve the customer experience and simplify the hotelier's back office work. 

How do you contribute to the optimisation of the customer experience?

Whether in the room, the conference rooms or in the lobby, we offer services while keeping its operation simple. Solutions that are easy to use and usable from any device, while keeping in mind integration and environment compatibility issues. In the back office, our role is to facilitate the flow of information at all levels, whether at management or operational level.

Can we bring in the human element through all this technology?

Technology is at the service of people and should not be a gadget at the risk of damaging and weighing down the customer/hotel relationship. Through our product offering, we are able to simplify digital signage and thus empower the hospitality industry. We take care not to overload the user experience of staff and degrade the working experience. We adapt our offers to the professional use in order to make them easier to use. In the end, their work is valued by allowing them to concentrate on their know-how: hospitality.

Please note: come meet Samsung Hospitality - Pavilion 7.1 Stand K41


Harry Hagege - Founder of

Digitalization in the restaurant industry is essential to improve the customer experience and build loyalty 

The digital transformation of the restaurant industry has been slow... and for good reason! It is a sector with a strong cultural dimension and very traditional customs. The health crisis has turned the codes upside down, and restaurateurs have had to adapt to cope with the hyper-unstable context. Result: in a few months, QR codes invaded restaurant tables, the digital revolution was well and truly underway!

This useful and facilitating digitalisation has made the process in the restaurants more fluid and lighter: no more waiting for the menu, saving time when taking the order... a wait that is sometimes a source of frustration.

If properly configured to optimise the consumer experience, digital solutions can help the restaurant owner to focus on his or her advisory role, on service, on ensuring that the meal runs smoothly... Technology does not replace the human being, but helps him or her to serve better.

On the payment side, digital solutions have been massively deployed in recent months. With the system integrated into the checkouts, you simply scan the QR code on the table and pay the bill on your smartphone. It's easy to split the bill, to pay in a few clicks, alone or with others. At the end of the service, these saved minutes are a considerable time saving for the staff..

The alternative to keep the human contact? Add a QR code on the bill that will be brought to the customer. A way to traditionally close the meal and get consumer feedback. It will also be possible to pay the bill without having access to the cashier. This option is very popular with professionals as it makes it easy to build a relationship, to create a customer base and to feed it with loyalty tools such as virtual loyalty cards or cashback, an option that is still not widely used in France at the moment...


Foodservice in 2030 … by RFE

Pavilion 4 - Stand E106

On a 100% interactive stand, Resto France Experts will showcase the latest innovations and digital solutions for restaurants.

The aim? To allow visitors to test, discover and appropriate the innovations that will make up the commercial catering of tomorrow.

Connected kitchen robots, immersive restaurants, robotic solutions, optimisation of the customer experience... rich and varied themes at the service of restaurant owners. The experts of the association present will exchange with the visitors around the exciting theme of the restaurant of the future..

Among the partners present: Codigel, Agripolis, Ephemera, La Pâtisserie Numérique, COBO4YOU, Pangäa TV, MMCall, Meanwhile..

Visit in Pavilion 4. in addition Resto France Experts is offering specific EquipHotel itineraries for restaurant and hotel owners with a specific kitchen design project. 

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Trendy solutions at the cutting edge of digital technology to be found at the show.

Elegance and safety

Onity offers Serene, a stylish all-in-one lock designed inside and out for luxury hotels. The small, illuminated halo, a timeless design touch, combines with the state-of-the-art DirectKey mobile access technology, and allows guests to unlock their room easily by approaching the door. With a wide range of handle styles and finishes, Serene can be customised to suit the design of any establishment.

Visit in Pavilion 7.2 - Stands M60

Connected lock and design ©Onity

Interaction... without contact

Mootion presents the Moorice interactive terminal. A technology based on artificial intelligence and computer vision allowing the user to interact without touching the terminal. This solution offers a tailor-made customer experience and allows the professional to be autonomous thanks to its simple and intuitive dashboard.

Visit in Pavilion 7.1 - Stands M60

Interactive kiosk ©Mootion

Simplified management

Clyo Systems is an all-in-one cashiering and digitalization solution. On the same screen, it is possible to manage: the cash desk, the stocks, the loyalty, the kitchen screen, the time clock, the online order and the Click & Collect. Modules are available to adapt the interface to your needs.

Visit in Pavilion 7.1 - Stands M60

All-in-one crate ©Clyo Systems


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