Recruiting and retaining staff: major challenges and feedback

Initial and continuing training, flexible working hours, incentive-based pay schemes, profit-sharing, recognition and other ways of rewarding know-how are all effective tools and arguments for attracting young talent and retaining experienced staff.

Attractiveness is one of the main themes of the 2022 edition of the EquipHotel trade show, and rightly so. Employee and customer loyalty are both key to the hospitality and foodservice sectors, and a challenge all professionals face every day. EquipHotel is here to light the way with help, support and information.


EquipHotel, from the perspective of the Art Director of 14 Septembre agency and author of a hospitality trendbook for the 2022 edition of the show.

What does attractiveness in the hospitality and food service sector mean to you?

For both customers and employees, every space in an establishment needs to tell a story and reveal an identity, as well as having a clear human side and the modularity to be transformed into a living space, whether we’re dealing with a restaurant, café, hotel or third space. Lighting is becoming natural or discrete, and sound tends to be muffled to leave space for some much-needed tranquillity.

You mention “tranquillity”. Do we now need silence to eat in peace?

This year, work by acoustic designers is echoing the silence of the world, even in restaurants, with floor-to-ceiling solutions, including furnishings.

Are we also in need of air after all the lockdowns?

Yes, of course. Indoor areas are opening up to the outdoors, and windows are getting bigger. Indoor spaces are merging with outdoor spaces. Outdoor furnishing collections have therefore been very successful.

Please note: Cédric Martineaud’s trend book offers a unifying theme for the 2022 edition of EquipHotel. It will be discussed in a series of meetings and conference sessions during the trade show.


EquipHotel 2022 will be welcoming around fifty light manufacturers and one hundred companies in the outdoor design and furnishings sector. These exhibitors come from France and across Europe.

Getting some air

Ligne Roset Contract presents its Cinna Outdoor collection at the EquipHotel trade show. This French-made furniture line blends know-how, comfort and design to create the Murtoli sofa, designed by Christian Werner, and the Lapel armchair by Busetti Garutti Redealli. These products have been designed for the well-being of summer lovers looking for fresh air and the great outdoors.

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© Ligne Roset - Murtoli sofa, created by designer Christian Werner

Brighten up your world

Located in the Loire Valley, CVL Luminaires has designed and manufactured decorative solid brass lights for over 50 years. These designs are entirely hand made in France and can adapt to any project, ensuring unique comfort for both employees and customers of hotels and restaurants.

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© Didier Delmas - Earth Radiaan round light, designed by Emilie Cathelineau for CVL Luminaires, Hôtel Les Roches Blanches (by Agence Kappel), Cassis

Nature in all its glory

Name: Ethnicraft.

Unique signature: this furniture designer uses solid wood and natural materials.

Know-how: Ethnicraft combines design and comfort, timeless lines and furniture with character, weathered over time. Ethnicraft’s world is perfect for indoor, outdoor and co-working spaces.

© Ethnicraft - Bok reclining lounger in solid teak, designed by Jacques Deneef, and Jack cushion in polypropylene and quick drying foam.


People no longer just go to a hotel to sleep, but also to eat, meet others, have fun, swim and work. This observation alone is a way to attract both guests and employees. We welcome guests differently than we used to. There’s no longer a reception desk and a face-to-face greeting. 

When Yann Martin, Manager of Cut Architectures, designs a lobby, he imagines “a new relationship with others, where guests come alongside the hosts”. He is abolishing partitions, like in the brand new Pullman Montparnasse in Paris, to create “non-physical boundaries” in the form of “floor or ceiling treatments or the choice of furnishings”. 

“During any new developments, I always think about how they are going to relate to guests in every part of the hotel”.

Philippe Monnin, co-founder of the Millésime hotel group, agrees: “Our establishments are destinations where something is always happening”.

Philippe Monnin believes in listening to everyone and offering opportunities for career development: “In our group, we give people the opportunity to grow and be promoted through the ranks, change establishment and even country.”


Innovation is a way of improving the performance of an establishment and is an important aspect of marketing, which is why it is central to the 2022 edition of EquipHotel. The highlight will be the Innovation Awards that rewards the best innovations (in products and services) from hospitality suppliers.

Expert beds

This is levly®. The metal structure can be used to lift any bed, regardless of its size, making life easier for hotel cleaners. This user-friendly and efficient solution helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders, which is very important.

© levly - Lift up a bed to make life easier for hotel cleaners.

Taking mini to the max

This concept comes from Japan and is known as Cosmonde. The idea is tocreate hotels in which each traveller has their own capsule room. Inside, there is a duvet, pillow, TV screen and plug sockets, along with access to changing rooms, bathrooms and other workspaces and restaurants. Sleep alone but live in community.

© Cosmonde - Will the hotel room of the future be a capsule?

Desk for two

Space-saving and co-working go well together. The “new modern” open-space desk by Tiptoe has space for two people to work, connect and store their belongings. An added extra is the tabletop in eco-certified wood, recycled plastic or plywood, which is strong while being easy to clean. It’s ideal for creating a workspace in a hotel.

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©Tiptoe - “New Modern” open-space desk designed for two people.


How to create an ergonomic design

During the EquipHotel trade show, many conference sessions will discuss the issue of the well-being and comfort of hospitality employees at their place of work. This is key to making the sector more attractive.

The Paris regional health insurance office (Cramif) will be at EquipHotel, presenting an “Ergo Room” and “Ergo Cook”. What do these two teaching spaces designed by around fifteen partner organisations have in common? Their innovations to improve working conditions in the hospitality sector.

The “Ergo Room” has systems to make it easier to lift a bed or change a duvet cover and even automatic dry steam cleaning. “Ergo Cook” promotes storage at a workstation; the dishwasher has a hood so that employees can work without bending down; the oven and hood are self-cleaning... This all makes a huge difference every day.

These concrete solutions help prevent MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and limit medical leave.