With spas, thalassotherapy, thermal baths, gyms, bathrooms and outdoor spaces, the wellness sector is taking over Pavilion 7.3 of EquipHotel.

Key programme themes include relaxation, well-being, lightness and nature, which are driving offerings for a younger, working clientele. From jacuzzis to bathrooms and treatment rooms, it's all about comfort, ergonomics, soft tones and lighting, for an experience offering cosy atmospheres and a place to get away from it all.


3 questions for Marie-Paule Leblanc-Peru, president of the Spa-A association, the federation of wellness professionals.

What do customers expect from spas in 2022?

With the closure of hotels and people not being able to go for spa treatments, the health crisis has created even higher expectations. We are seeing a younger clientele, with people ready to spend for a unique experience, even if it means skipping out on something else. Everyone needs to feel like a VIP and receive personalised service. In hotel spas, guests always come for a massage rather than a facial. They have enjoyed the privatisation of certain pools or sensory spaces and are looking for an à la carte experience, tailored to the length of their stay. Success is guaranteed if you give them the opportunity to recharge their batteries with local offerings. The slow movement is all the rage: after “slow food”, now it's time for “slow spas”! 

What has the health crisis changed in terms of safety in spas and fitness spaces?

Cleaning and disinfection are reassuring and people aren’t bothered about the 15 minutes it takes in between clients. Everywhere, schedules are being revised to adapt to this and provide better service and advice. In the thermal spa and thalassotherapy sector, establishments have seen an increase in shorter stays, as well as an increase in the price of services, with much more individualised treatment. We are also seeing increasing demand to privatise hammams and saunas. At destination spas, the offering has expanded to include outdoor fitness programmes, such as yoga retreats with organised nature walks. Instead of sweating it out together in the pool with a zumba class, people want to breathe in the early morning in a curated outdoor space.

Do sustainable development and spas go hand in hand?

Yes and no... It's a real challenge, because water management and laundry are important aspects of spas. Awareness is being raised and the efforts are paying off. Laundry with an automatic diffuser, gentler detergents with natural bleach, recycled shower water that sometimes supplies water for toilets are some solutions we're seeing for new spas. We can also work to improve showers, which can now be regulated to control the flow and time with a push button. Another example is environmentally friendly shower gel with few surfactants. There is also growing demand for French-made and “clean beauty” products. Whether it stems from increasing awareness or pressure from clients, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce plastics and use bulk or solid products and natural materials that will wash away easily like natural scrubs.


3 questions for Katia Dufon-Schaffhauser, President of the French National Union of Spa Managers and Director of the Carita Paris Beauty House.

What do customers expect from spas in 2022?

Expectations are different depending on the type of customer and the time. Travel and tourism customers are looking for relaxation and well-being. Hotel guests also want easy booking. People no longer book a treatment or a massage when booking a stay, except in thalassotherapy. And they want an immediate response. This requires adaptation and agility to organize schedules. As for urban customers, they’re looking for overall beauty expertise. They’re almost wanting beauty and well-being coaching. They want to be better. A well-cared-for face means beautiful skin,and is also a sign of good health. Beyond the experience, which is now a given for anyone coming into a spa, customers want results. Men have the same kind of expectations. In our brochures and treatment menus, we now target both women and men, so that everyone can find what they’re looking for.

What has the health crisis changed in terms of safety in spas and fitness spaces?

What we used to do behind the scenes, we now do openly. Like handwashing, which we do up to our forearms like nurses. We disinfect our tools in front of customers. We wash and clean. In the treatment rooms, I think masks will remain. It's about peace of mind for both customers and staff.

Do sustainable development and spas go hand in hand?

Yes, often. At the Carita Paris beauty salon, for example, all waste is sorted, and even hair is recycled. Shampoo washes can use just one litre of water, instead of six. And no more tools wrapped in plastic - plastic has been replaced by an organza bag, which is disinfected after use. As for water, we’re now using glass bottles, and for laundry, we only hire companies that work responsibly. So yes, in a spa, there are bath sheets and a swimming pool, but everything has been thought through from a sustainability perspective. Our teams are very sensitive to this, and our employees are proud to work for a company that is committed to sustainability. It increases our attractiveness and encourages retention of our staff, and customers.



Linvosges, which will be exhibiting at EquipHotel, is committed to protecting the environment. Its Epure Bio terry cloth range was developed to meet the requirements of an eco-responsible hotel industry. This 600grs/m² fabric is soft and absorbent thanks to its 100% combed cotton single thread loop weave. It is organically grown and GOTS certified,and manufactured without any substances that are harmful to health. Its double-stitched finish and the absence of battens give it excellent resistance to repeated laundry washing.

Pavilion 7.3 - Stand K44

© Linvosges - When Linvosges makes organic versions of its linens


Spas are becoming dual purpose. At Clairazur, one of EquipHotel’s exhibitors, they’re also a swimming pool. They have a counter-current section area and a massage area for 2 to 5 people. When it comes to design, you can opt for a mosaic from Emaux de Briare. As for water treatment, it is easy and economical.

Pavilion 7.3 - Stand M24

© Clairazur - With a Clairazur spa, you can also swim with a counter-current option.

Good stuff

Spa tea rooms are all the rage. Whether enjoyed before or after a massage, between a session in the sauna and another in the steam room, these spaces are the perfect way to relax. To take tea time to another level, Le Beau Thé personalises French-made organic tea bags with drawings, images, messages, logos and more, which you can discover at the 2022 edition of EquipHotel.

Pavilion 4 - Stand G42

© Le Beau Thé - Personalise your tea bags to stand out.



Designer Dorothée Meilichzon designs hotels inspired by the good life.

© All rights reserved

Laurent Branover, General Manager of Domaines de Fontenille, a collection of hotels outside the hustle and bustle of cities.

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What if the big winner of the health crisis was “slow tourism”? This Anglo-Saxon concept has been emerging for some time and reflects both a desire for local products and services, soft mobility and an environmentally-friendly approach. The goal is to get rid of stress and forget about the daily rush. According to KPMG France, three trends have seen a spike in activity since the first lockdown: People are in search of adventure, while pushing their limits or other “nomadic” experiences, to reconnect with themselves, the environment and others, with self-improvement or well-being as the purpose behind their holiday. In this case, thalassotherapy centres and spas have a contribution to make. Slow tourism is currently embodied by establishments such as Domaines de Fontenille, a hotel group founded by Frédéric Biousse and Guillaume Foucher. They recently opened Domaine de Primard, a calm retreat 70 kilometres from Paris, with 40 hectares on the banks of the Eure, a gourmet restaurant and spa, as well as Les Hautes Mers, a 17-room hotel with restaurant and spa on Ile d'Yeu. These establishments are far from the hustle and bustle of the city, where guests can come and recharge their batteries. Designer Dorothée Meilichzon knows all about this. She has a talent for cultivating an inviting atmosphere to unwind,and leave stress behind at the establishments she designs for the Experimental Group. After hotels in Venice and Menorca, she has done it again in Ibiza with the renovation of the Gran Hotel Montesol, a colonial UNESCO “property of cultural interest”. It includes 33 rooms inspired by the good life and a rooftop cocktail bar. However, the “slow life” and “slow tourism” do not mean no Internet access. KPMG France reminds us that “41% of French people cannot go more than three days without checking their emails or logging on to the internet”.

Please note: KPMG France will be at EquipHotel. Laurent Branover, General Manager of Domaines de Fontenille will participate in a talk on "green attitude" on 8/11 at 10:30 am. And Olivier Bon, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Experimental Group, will be chairing the Innovation Awards jury.


Innovation is a way of improving the performance of an establishment and is an important aspect of marketing, which is why it is central to the 2022 edition of EquipHotel. The highlight will be the Innovation Awards that rewards the best innovations (in products and services) from hospitality suppliers.

A perfect fit

This year at EquipHotel, BBIDistributions is showcasing 100% recycled slippers. BioFootWear, creator of the first 100% biosourced slippers, has developed a collection where all fossil-based plastics have been replaced with plant-based materials. They are made in Portugal. 

Pavilion 7.3 - Stand N78

© BBI Distributions - BioFootWear's 100% recycled slippers

Hands Free

Don’t miss the Iyashi Dôme stand at EquipHotel. This constantly innovating brand has been specialising in infratherapy for the past 20 years and is present in 62 countries. Following studies - with medical publications and an international patent filing in 2018 - to eradicate toxins and bacteria during infratherapy sessions, Iyashi Dome created an app designed to provide hands-free and touchless control of its device. Another new development is a signature treatment that combines Japanese and Asian massage techniques for the best sensory experience.

Pavilion 7.3 - Stand R22

© Iyashi Dome - Infratherapy by Iyashi Dome

Taking soap to the next level

What if you could grate soap? That’s what One Touch Cosmetic, supplier of hospitality products for the hotel industry, is offering with one of its latest environmentally-friendly and economical innovations. Their 100% French patented soap grater comes in the form of a solid soap dispenser. Simply turn the crank to obtain a powder for soft, gentle hand washing. A 125 g solid soap provides around 450 washes, the equivalent to eight 300 ml bottles of liquid soap. 

Pavilion 7.3 - Stand K05

© One Touch Cosmetic - Go for grated soap with One Touch Cosmetic



With some 200 establishments, the Spas de France network, the leading French group of well-being and beauty centres, has chosen EquipHotel to organise its convention. The event is scheduled for 7 November 2022 and intended primarily for establishments with the Spas de France label. However, since the space is open, anyone can attend the convention. Throughout the day, professionals and experts will share their experience and ideas, and interact together. In addition, various brands, listed both in the Spas de France guide and exhibitors at EquipHotel, will present their unique offerings, products, treatments, and protocols.



The best hands in France will be competing at EquipHotel. Hosted by Isabelle Charrier, founder and editorial director of Sense of wellness magazine, the French Massage Championships will judge 40 candidates based on a 30-minute “signature” massage offered at the establishment they represent. Created in 2010, this competition awards 5 winners each year.

See you on 6 November 2022: Wellness Talks - Pavilion 7.3



Champion Spirit, which specialises in development strategies for fitness spaces for hotel groups, will be at EquipHotel 2022. It is also the first academy of martial arts in Paris, and will offer martial arts introductory lessons, and fitness demonstrations. These sessions will highlight the quality of the teaching they provide, in a unique experience where fitness, well-being, art and art of living come together.

Pavilion 7.3 - Stand N43



EquipHotel 2022 offers a special Well-being Thematic trail overseen by the Silvya Terrade schools. A dozen students and future spa managers will lead massage workshops and guided tours of the trade show’s spa sector, all with no appointment necessary. 

Pavilion 7.3 - Talks Wellness