Valo Resto Pro ® Trophies

4th edition


All players from the professional catering sector, whether they offer food or laundry services, have a chance at winning an award for the “Best Environmental Initiative”:

  • energy performance
  • equipment recycling
  • food waste reduction
  • bio-waste management
  • training
  • equipment waste collection, etc.

The VALO RESTO PRO® Awards are handed out by a jury of individuals from the catering sector's leading organisations (one jury member per organisation) and renowned figures from outside the industry qualified by their present or past activities. Based on a list of specific criteria and their individual expertise, every year this volunteer jury analyses, debates and selects the winners with impartiality and objectivity.


SYNEG (French national federation of catering equipment manufacturers) is the official trade organisation that brings together and represents French manufacturers of catering and laundry equipment. Its members work in all areas of professional catering, including food preparation, cooking, refrigeration, ventilation, handling, distribution, bars, pantries, washing, laundry and waste management.

ECOLOGIC is a certified environmental organisation responsible for WEEE and F-waste* collection, clean-up and recycling across France. It has been entrusted by the French government with a general interest mission, and since 2006 it has contributed to the development of a circular economy based on prevention, awareness-raising and waste recycling activities (with producers, collection and treatment operators, local authorities, institutions and public authorities, businesses, consumers and media). Ecologic has sought to facilitate waste management for professionals by providing an innovative collection solution:, a single platform accessible 24/7.

*Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) & furniture waste (F-Waste)