International Passion Trophy

6th November 2022

Competition Stage - Pavilion 4


The Académie Culinaire de France has been organising this international competition every two years since 2001 to promote French gastronomy through challenges where chefs from all over the world battle it out over the same passion: cooking. Competitors from France, the United States, Chile, Luxembourg, Belgium, Morocco, Japan and Mexico will have to create 3 recipes for 8 people around the following themes:


Using eggs, seasonal wild herbs, fruit, vegetables, seaweed and Argentinian shrimp from La Carte d'Hubert


2 Rungis pan-fried free-range poultries, stuffing, Rougié foie gras, 3 side dishes (one potato-based, one gourd-based and one seasonal product of the competitor’s choice), all served with a sauce and a jus


“Café Gourmand” - 8 presentations of the competitor’s choice, on a surface no larger than an A4 piece of paper - 4 pieces (coffee-based, Cacao Barry chocolate-based, choux pastry-based and Elle et Vire cream-based)

A jury including MOFs and international chefs will choose the winner. 

The competition will be held under the patronage of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Culture.

2022 JURY

President of the Jury

Éric Pras

MOF Chef - Maison Lameloise ***, Chagny (71)

Competition Presidient and Pressident of the Académie Culinaire de France

Fabrice Prochasson

MOF Chef

International President of the Jury

Kei Kobayashi

Chef - Restaurant Kei ***, Paris (75)

International Honorary President

Guy Santoro


President of the Pastry Jury

Pierre Mirgalet

MOF Patissier and Chocolatier, Gujan-Mestras

Tasting Jury

Frédéric Lejeune - President of the Mexico Jury and Executive Chef of Bliss Gourmet, Mexico

Jose Luis Doloréa - President of the Jury Chile

Dominique Michou - President of the Belgium Jury and President Delegate of the ACF Belgium and Luxembourg

Sébastien Baud - President of the USA Jury and Chef de Cuisine of the French Consulate, New-York

Andrée Rosier - President of the French Jury and MOF Chef of Les Rosiers*, Biarritz

Rachid Souid - President of the Morocco Jury and Chef

Kei Kobayashi - President of the Jury Japan and Chef of the restaurant Kei ***, Paris

Miltos Karoubas - International Jury Greece and President of the Greek Culinary Academy and Executive Chef of Vivartia Group of Companies

Enzo Franceschelli - International Jury Italy and Chef of the Dutch Embassy in Paris

Alain Clos - Vice-President of the ACF Luxembourg Delegation and Chef of the Red Cross

Frédéric Simonin - MOF and Chef of the restaurant Frédéric Simonin*, Paris 

Stéphane Buron - MOF Chef of the restaurant Le Chabichou, Courchevel

Eric Briffard - MOF, Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu

Fabrice Desvignes - MOF and Head Chef of the Elysée Palace

François Adamski - MOF and Corporate Chef at Servair

Christophe Marguin - Chef of Le Président restaurant, Lyon 

Christian Millet - Chef of the restaurants Le Pouilly-Reuilly, Pré-Saint-Gervais and Chez La Vieille, Paris

Christian Têtedoie - MOF and Chef of the restaurant Têtedoie*, Lyon

Thibaut Ruggeri - Bocuse d'Or and Fontevraud Le Restaurant, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye

Romuald Fassenet - MOF and Chef of Château Mont Joly - Hotel Restaurant Dole*, Sampans

Joel Mauvigney - MOF and Charcutier Traiteur Boucher at Maison Mauvigney, Mérignac

Gabriel Paillasson - MOF Confectioner

Pascal Niau - MOF Confectioner and Painter

Bruno Cordier - MOF Pastry and Chocolate Maker, Chocolaterie Cordier, Orléans

Cooking Jury

Fabrice Pottier - Pastry Chef of the Maison Pottier pastry shop, Marcoussis

Jean-Marie Gautier - MOF and former Head Chef of the Hôtel du Palais, Biarritz

Christian Régnier - Chef

Bernard Leprince - Chef MOF and R&D culinary advisor at Leprince & Compagnie

Pierre Alix - Chef

Jacques Henrio - Chef MOF and independent consultant

Pascal Guigeno - Chef de cuisine

Joseph Viola - Chef MOF and Manager of Daniel et Denise

Antoine Dias Ramalho - Former Professor of Culinary Organisation and Production


Laurent Drunat - Chef and independent consultant, and Xavier Rousseau - Chef de cuisine of the French Football Team


The Académie Culinaire de France was created in 1883 by Joseph Favre, author of Dictionnaire universel de cuisine pratique, a culinary and pastry-making encyclopaedia. It is the oldest association of chefs and pastry-makers in the world. In 1981, the Académie Culinaire de France created a Benelux delegation under the presidency of Michel Theurel. The goal was to bring together professional members across the entire Benelux region, including chefs, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, ice cream makers and caterers all skilled in and respectful of French gastronomy.

The association is driven by the following main philosophy: French culinary art in general, in its living and harmonious expression which inspires the conviviality of French gastronomy, Strict observance of the pre-established rules by those who practice it, Respect for culinary principles and traditions constitutes the fundamental duty of its members at all times, Defending the authenticity and processing of fresh products as well as local culinary appellations, Working with the same professional conscientiousness whatever the conditions and the inspiration of the moment, The members of the Academy maintain a relationship of camaraderie between each other, Participation in activities allowing the professional culture of the culinary arts to be passed on.