In 2020, EquipHotel will be boldly showcasing, supporting and shedding unique light on the hotel and restaurant industries. EquipHotel will also offer opportunities for you to share, discuss and assess the unprecedented crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a series of around a hundred conference sessions, EquipHotel will provide insights and perspectives. The trade show shares the keys to success in a rapidly changing sector and invites professionals to experience relevant and meaningful content.

In 2020, EquipHotel takes visitors on an informative and innovative journey, with opportunities for discussion and advice from specialists while keeping in tune with what's happening in the hotel and restaurant sectors.

In 2020, EquipHotel is engaged, thinking big, and opening up new possibilities with its eyes set firmly on the future.


eh ! POST COVID-19: EquipHotel will help professionals successfully move forward after the crisis. 

How to recreate dynamics, build teamwork, communicate, reassure customers and suppliers, and reinvigorate business drive and innovation.

eh ! TRENDS: EquipHotel goes off the beaten path

Unique and bold new concepts: 4 Tribes tell their stories, designers and architects debate, decorating professionals set the tone.

eh ! CSR: EquipHotel is committed to protecting the environment

25 conference sessions cover everything you need to know about sustainable development in the hospitality sector.

eh ! TECH: EquipHotel connects to the future

Robots, home automation, artificial intelligence, and more: are humans becoming obsolete?

eh ! INTERNATIONAL: EquipHotel opens up to the world

Impressions from elsewhere and culture mix colour this edition of EquipHotel. With Italy in the spotlight, for an immersion in the land of the "dolce vita", where gastronomy and hotel business are a reference...

eh ! CONVENIENT: EquipHotel offers solutions for everyday business

Decorating ideas, spas, products, equipment, innovations ergonomics, and well-being at work...everything to simplify life for hotel and restaurant professionals.



Pavilion 3

The space becomes a sort of HQ for architects, interior designers, designers, decorators, buyers, contractors, design offices, fitters, restaurant or hotel owners... They can all meet there to exchange, dialogue, share, initiate projects... The company Ameublement francais manages the space. 


Pavilion 4

The space presents a series of practical solutions for the CSR transition. It accompanies independent hoteliers and restaurateurs, but also the CSR or purchasing managers of chains and groups in the hotel and catering sector. ECORISMO Label manages the space.


Pavilion 4

The space welcomes hotel directors, spa managers, consultants and architects to exchange on their visions of well-being in the hotel industry of today and tomorrow but also to deliver their best practices. Sense of WELLNESS Magazine hots the space.


Pavilion 4

The space is a link between social issues and technical, preventive and even educational tools. It is an opportunity to find concrete solutions to improve working conditions. The CRAMIF runs the space.


Pavilion 7.1

The space brings together hoteliers and restaurateurs with a view to reinventing their sector, in the post-Covid context. With debates conducted in the presence of distributors, wholesalers, architects and politicians... All of which is led by MCBG Conseil and Food&Sens.


Pavilion 7.3

The space hosts a series of conferences and meetings dedicated to Hospitality. Afternoon tech also provide an opportunity to discuss the technological challenges facing the Hospitality sector. The web-marketing agency, My Hotel Shop, manages the space.