Our sponsors, real actors of the show, will be present during the 5 days on several events, activities, trends and areas of the 5 pavilions.

We devise and develop innovative campaigns with and for our partners, finding the most appropriate way to communicate a message to identified targets before, during and after the show.



Exclusive and Official Water provider EquipHotel

Offering a unique culinary experience to your guests is an Art. The choice of a quality mineral water that best respects the values of the establishment is part of it. Present on the most beautiful tables in France with its elegant design, PERRIER Fines Bulles sparkling water accompanies everyday the greatest chefs to sublimate their dishes. Its delicate bubbles and low salt content make it ideal for the finest dishes.


Exclusive and Official Champagne provider EquipHotel

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte gathers more than 5000 wine-growers of incomparable savoir-faire in a unique cooperative model. The cuvées by Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte are created to satisfy the highest standards and requirements of professionals. They are also made for sharing and celebrate both innovation and tradition, as well as a form of accessible luxury in an ever-changing environment to address new tasting codes. The signature-style of all our champagnes is:  balance, finesse and freshness.

EquipHotel is a significant trade show, offering a comprehensive vision in the fields of innovation and the sector’s trends. So it is only natural that Nicolas Feuillatte invests in EquipHotel to meet the greatest chefs and promising new talents, and introduce them to its entire wine range. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate the attachment and respect that Nicolas Feuillatte has towards all the hotel, restaurant and food industries.


Partner of the show since the first edition, the largest fresh products market in the world will select and supply exceptional products for various animations and highlights of the show such as Chef's Lounge, the VIP Bar and the opening cocktail. This will be once again an opportunity to reaffirm our positioning: let's share the value of the good!

True ambassador of our gastronomic heritage, the Rungis Market is an international showcase for French productions. It ensures for all the defense of our food culture: that of the terroirs, the fresh, the variety and the quality.  



Bover finds inspiration in the way of life of the people who live on the shores of the Mediterranean. Because light, culture, gastronomy, crafts, and its culture are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Bover was born in 1996 “thanks to a wonderful coincidence”. Its founder, Joana Bover, who came from the audiovisual industry, was introduced to the universe of lighting when an architect friend invited her to participate in the design of special structures made of iron for the Seville Expo '92. One project led to another, until reaching what today has become one of the most prestigious lighting companies in our country.

The mainstay of the brand is timelessness. A timelessness understood as a balance between material culture, which surrounds and influences us, and trends. A trend that from Bover is explained from the contrast and order, beauty, light, culture and also elegance: principles and attitudes that we choose and transmit our ideas, "our way of seeing and feeling the life that surrounds us”.

With this objective, Joana surrounds herself with designers who fit perfectly with the brand's philosophy: Gonzalo Milà, Christophe Mathieu, Rubén Saldaña, Estudi Manel Molina, Jorge Pensi Design Studio, Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT, Alex Fernández Camps, or Lázaro Rosa-Violán


CAHM EUROPE SA is one of the Europe’s leading manufacturers of hotel and retail cosmetics.

The company focuses on making a positive change regarding hotel cosmetics, by supplying premium sensorial experiences through high-end products brought to the society by innovation. CAHM Europe SA aims to develop a strong, sustainable business while respecting not only the customers, but also the environment.

The company will present at Equip Hotel 2022 a patented innovation that brings to the world a new perspective about skin care products showing the 14 years of experience in cosmetics manufacturing. Alongside, the company launched a premium 2in1 gel to foam, fitted for luxury hotels and the makeup remover Cotton Pads infused with micellar water.  

Focusing on bringing to the market premium and sustainable products, CAHM Europe SA managed to get innovation to the next level by producing viable products that show their love for nature. 


Wine by the glass now represents 56% of the demand in restaurants, while the bottled offer represents the vast majority of wine lists. With this in mind, dVine offers a professional solution to optimise wine by the glass sales: more choice with impeccable service quality, optimised margins and zero losses.

And because it takes 2 years to make a wine and 30 seconds to miss it, the dVine PRO aerates and brings the wine to the temperature desired by the winery to reveal its full range of aromas. An offer that allows hoteliers and restaurateurs equipped with the system to develop their range of wines by the glass, to offer Grands Crus, to trigger sales and to train their waiters for a real mastery of service and advice on wine.


For more than a century, the HOBART Company has been developing washing systems and solutions for the catering industry. HOBART continues to strive for excellence by offering equipment and services that are always at the top of technology and innovation to meet customer needs, while combining economic, social and environmental performance. 

Discover all our solutions and our latest innovations at EQUIPHOTEL :

  • The PREMAX glass washer and its patented "Top Dry" system that guarantees perfect drying and trace-free glasses,
  • The TLW (Two-Level-Washer) concept unique in the world,
  • Innovative solutions to efficiently wash and dry all your REUSABLE containers (cups, lids, plates, containers, cutlery,…)


ITA - Italian Trade Agency is the Governmental agency is the Governmental agency that supports the business development of our companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy.

With a motivated and modern organization and a widespread network of overseas offices, ITA provides information, assistance, consulting, promotion and training to Italian small and medium-sized businesses.

Using the most modern multi-channel promotion and communication tools, it acts to assert the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.


IVC Commercial is the partner of EquipHotel on the Talks Wellness. 3 of our latest carpet tile collections will enhance the atmosphere of this conference and networking space. For this Talks Wellness project Thierry Virvaire had fun creating movement by mixing the GRIT, BRUUT and RUPTURE designs of the Imperfection carpet tile collection in beige with gold thread for RUTPURE, and playing with the colourful touches of the Perspective design of the Contour collection and Liberate from the Immersion collection. These carpet tile collections work perfectly together. The harmony of colours, formats and textures will create a unique, warm, soothing and original atmosphere in the space.  


LaFourchette is the leader in online restaurant reservations in Europe, Latin America and Australia. Created in 2007, the site has revolutionized the catering market by making it easier for restaurants and customers to get in touch with each other and by digitizing the bookings for professionals.

LaFourchette has become the smart reflex to go to a restaurant!

The application makes it easy to find a restaurant, check its availability in real time, book a table there in a few clicks and instantly receive a reservation confirmation, 24 hours a day. Customers can choose from a selection of more than 67,000 partner restaurants, with or without promotion.


For the third consecutive year, "les Collectionneurs" are partners of EquipHotel. "Les Collectionneurs" chefs will take turns to take over the partner and VIP restaurant areas at the heart of the show. These men and women, like all the chefs in "les Collectionneurs" community, are committed to transparency, traceability, seasonality and respect for the product. 

Les Collectionneurs bring together restaurants, hotels and travellers with a taste for travel. Curiosity, exacting standards and generosity are the shared values on which the community is founded. In 2022, 540 addresses of restaurants and hotels in Europe, run by professionals who listen attentively to travellers, were selected by les Collectionneurs. To exchange, discover and suggest new addresses, les Collectionneurs come together on lescollectionneurs.com


The United Robotics Group (URG) unites young robotics companies into a unique ecosystem. The group includes the companies Rethink Robotics, Aldebaran, RobSolutions, GEENIAL, Humanizing Technologies, Entrance Robotics, RobShare and Dahl Robotics.

URG bundles hardware and software expertise under one roof, develops customized robotics solutions to meet challenges in the medical, care, hospitality, and education sectors, and offers Robot as a Service on a temporary basis. Customer needs, product quality, data protection and sustainability are the drivers of development at URG.


For more than 30 years, green care PROFESSIONAL sustainable hygiene and cleaning solutions have been used daily in hotels and restaurants.

Eco-pioneer brand on major societal issues (plastic, resources, health), we had to be present at EquipHotel to promote a sustainable Hospitality and support the Studio des Chefs candidates towards environmental excellence.