The Interior Design Center is the stand for Ameublement Français, a federation representing around 400 businesses in the sector.

This is the place for clients wanting to create the living spaces of tomorrow to find solutions. It is a creative space that gives you the opportunity to take a break during your visit and appreciate the French industry's offerings through meetings and inspirational encounters with professionals, focused on the changing market and living spaces, bold trends, and more. 



To help you understand the trends and innovations shaping tomorrow's lifestyles, the Interior Design Center offers interior designers and clients the opportunity to attend interviews with key players in the hotel and restaurant industry working on exciting projects.


Co-organised by INTRAMUROS and the Interior Design Center teams

To get people meeting, the Interior Design Center welcomes a variety of clients, including project managers, architects, hotel project managers and distributors, to discuss the market's latest hot topics.

Join in over a friendly breakfast with our guests. 


For more information about:

the brands featured in the "My Furniture is French" thematic trail


the latest trends and innovations in materials, in partnership with the FCBA furniture institute


Ameublement Français resources (studies, workshops, network, etc.) and the my Furniture is French thematic trail highlighting the latest in French products. 


L’Ameublement Français is a trade association that represents 380 French companies working in furniture creation and interior design.

L’Ameublement Français promotes its industry by helping its members conquer national and international markets and fostering innovation and know-how in order to adapt to future challenges and support responsible and sustainable practices.

L’Ameublement Français provides them with resources and initiates collective actions that encourage communication across the value chain, from object to project. L’Ameublement Français believes in the power of working together and is committed to political, economic and social engagement that promotes industrial excellence and the French art of living. 


The French Furniture adopts the signature “My Furniture is French”, a certain je ne sais quoi that makes French impertinence…

A subtle balance between tradition and creativity, know-how and audacity, bringing a French twist to interiors all over the world!

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