Denis Courtiade // Ô Service des talents de demain

Denis CourtiadeMore than necessary: imperative!
When you choose to enter a restaurant, there is nothing more delightful and valuable to make you want to come back than receiving a welcoming smile and being guided in the choice of a dish or a drink. The exhibition EquipHotel, and in particular the RESTO DES CHEFS, offers Denis Courtiade an excellent showcase to exchange, share, advise and support young maitres d’hotel from hotel and catering schools who come to the show to meet leading industry names and follow their advice.

Service, a subtle art
In the view of Denis Courtiade, service is a passion but also a subtle art: no two services are alike and no two tables are the same. Each guest must be considered as a unique being. While he masters the technical skills which are particularly evident in the restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée where they are an integral part of the experience, he also makes a point of always adapting his rhythm to that of his guests, “sensing” their state of mind, their desires, to anticipate their expectations and meet them.

A man serving... a Restaurant:
With a pragmatic approach, Denis Courtiade has understood that a lot of work needs to be done to put the glamour back into his line of work. He regretfully notes that in recent years, younger generations have fled from hospitality functions, preferring jobs in cookery and pastry making which are more artistic and have benefitted from more media attention. Taking these professions as an example, he wants to support and trigger a profound critical review of service jobs to help them reinvent themselves too.  

O service des talents de demain

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