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    by Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet

    Every day, a Michelin starred chef, selected by Châteaux & Hôtels Collection, a wine waiter and a Restaurant Manager, selected by Denis Courtiade, take possession of a genuine gourmet restaurant.

    Thanks to its open kitchen, observe the Chefs and their teams cooking up “taster” menus for 150 guests.

    A spotlight on service, hospitality and the quest for a unique and personal experience.

    Every day, students from the Ecole Ferrandi will be working for the chef / wine waiter / restaurant manager trio, with one dedicated team in the kitchen and another on table service.

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  • The creators: Nicolas Adnet & Marc Hertrich

    Photo Studio MHNA

    Architects & Designers / Studio MHNA

    Situated somewhere between a laboratory for ideas, a study on functionality and a piece of momentary poetry, the two artists tell stories from around the world in the hotels, spas and restaurants which they invent. Combining functionality with poetry, creating a “multifaceted trademark which is nevertheless recognisable” in the French spirit, is the direction which the two partners are taking, and is the common thread of all of their projects…

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  • The Chefs

    Photos Chefs EquipHotel
      Fanny Herpin, Ludovic Kientz, Michel Reuche, Pierre Caillet, Thomas L'Hérisson and Yoshitaka Takayanagi. Discover all the Chefs selected by Châteaux & Hôtels Collection, who will be cooking during the 5 days of the show in RESTO DES CHEFS…

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