Experimental Group

  • Olivier Bon & Romée de Goriainoff

    Co-founders of Experimental Group.


    OLIVIER BON, a sense of detail

    Photo Olivier Bon

    Olivier Bon is a sensible and determined guy. An admirer of Ian Schrager and other selfmade men, he knows that the road to success is littered with unpleasant surprises and obstacles. This awareness of how fragile things are explains his appreciation of the recognition they received on the cover of the Financial Times in 2010. It also explains why he takes care of the smallest of details, from the quality of products offered in the group’s establishments to the precision of graphical identities. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than seeing his customers smile. Knowing that they are having a good time in one of the group’s establishments is his sole obsession.

    ROMÉE DE GORIAINOFF, insatiably inquisitive

    Photo Romée de Goriainoff

    Romée de Goriainoff is the tireless traveller. He hops around the cities of the world to get a feeling of what’s going on out there today, a way of constantly challenging one’s habits and understanding what people really want over and beyond trends. Romée de Goriainoff is a naturally intuitive type; the fan of philosophy and history of thought knows that business has to strike the right balance between practicality and Utopia. Rather than follow fashion, he seeks to get ahead of it by creating institutions, venues for life and enjoyment, buttressed by the overriding principles of product and service quality.

  • The Board of Influencers

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