Cosy Lazy

  • "Cosy Lazy" Room

    Hall 3

    Architect Fabrice Knoll presents a reimagining of the bedroom as a tribute to idleness, a space for switching off, connecting only with nature.

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    Everything is deconstructed; outside rules are reinterpreted for indoors, pushing  the boundaries and making the bedroom walls come tumbling down.

    The “Cozy Lazy” concept invites you enjoy a new experience: read, write, draw, create, listen and meditate. Be at peace!

    Cozy Lazy is a cocoon where everyone can express their creativity. Push open the hotel bedroom door and plunge into a botanic, natural Eden. The inner walls have gone; at the centre of the room the bathtub melts into an mound of padded rocks, the bed, soft as a thousand feathers, invites you to sink into it: a real call to idleness, to switching off, soothed by a sky of moving, glowing bubbles.

  • The creator: Fabrice Knoll.

    Photo Fabrice Knoll

    Fabrice Knoll, architect, interior designer, set designer, product designer, Fabrice Knoll began studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris when he was 16, graduating as an architect in 1985.

    He never forgot what he learnt in that microcosm of society: the aesthetic balance of a sketch, the constant search for new ideas, flexibility during the course of a project and diplomacy in bringing everything together.
    Fabrice Knoll likes to deal with contrasts, particularly in images and in writing.

  • Official partners.

    Sauter Régulation - regulation, building technical management and energy monitoring

    Ateliers Bony - decorator
    Dorlane  - bed and pouffes
    Etoffes & Déclinaisons - fabrics
    Gessi - bathroom fittings
    Kaldewei - sanitary ware
    Lelièvre - fabrics
    Miroirs Brot - accessories
    Modelec - switches
    Ulster Carpets - carpeting

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