Gastronomic's Experience of 2050 by Thierry Marx


    12 November - Conference Centre (Pavilion 7.3)

    With his visionary commitment and leadership skills, our ambassador,Thierry Marx has chosen to focus on innovation, working with young people to explore the subject of fine dining in 2050.

    The result: a future-oriented workshop, facilitating multidisciplinary co-operation between students from prestigious culinary, design, management and business schools.
    Diverse approaches, perspectives and skills converge to form a “collective brain”, for a crosscutting, fresh take on the sector.

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  • On the menu.

    Their brainstorming session was based on 2 scenarios taking into consideration environmental, technological, agricultural, social and public health factors:
    In the first scenario, resources have been preserved and in the second, they have been depleted.

    With one key question: how could modern-day issues impact and change the catering sector of tomorrow?

    To discover the results of the workshop and plan ahead for future changes, visit the Conference Centre (Pavilion 7.3) on Monday, 12 November!

  • Taking part in the workshop.


    Founded in 1920, FERRANDI Paris offers a unique range of courses to prepare students for careers in gastronomy and hospitality management (2,300 French and international students and 2,000 adults on refresher courses every year).
    The school offers a curriculum focused on the student's ability to innovate, acquire managerial and entrepreneurial skills and know how to apply them in real-life situations.

    >Eliott Khosla, Gauthier Laville, Azélice Le Goff and Emma Rajaud

    ESSEC Business School

    Founded in 1907 in Paris, ESSEC Business School is a centre of academic excellence. The mission of ESSEC Business School is to create and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge, to train and develop bold pioneers and influential leaders.
    It encourages its students to anticipate – and meet – economic, managerial, social, environmental and ethical challenges.

    >Alexis de Pas, Pauline Esmilaire, Erwan Regnaud and Clément Robert


    Founded in 1982, the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI-Les Ateliers) is the only French National School exclusively devoted to industrial production and design.
    An industrial and commercial public institution, ENSCI operates under the dual auspices of the ministries responsible for culture and industry.

    >Lou Durand and Quentin Tourbez

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