Concours "Elles ont du talent"

  • "They’ve got talent: collective catering in the feminine"

    15th November - 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM - Studio des Chefs (Hall 7.2)

    Women were taking over the Studio des Chefs with the competition “La restauration collective au féminin.”


    The aim? Highlight the work of female collective catering workers by promoting their practical and artistic know-how.

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    Teams of 2 catering professionals will compete in a series of trials.
    Working against the clock, each pair has to produce a starter and dessert of their choice, using seasonal produce.
    Recipes must be devised using only the ingredients in the competition basket and chosen in advance by the participants. In a running order determined by drawing lots, contestants must send their dishes out every 8 minutes.
    Reinforcing the feminine angle, the jury will also be 100% female.


  • Organized by

    Established 1966, CCC evolved into the RESTAU'CO network which aims to develop group catering through direct management, career promotion and skill-building. The network includes establishments from every group catering sector (schools, healthcare, corporate, workplace) as well as the associations and organisations which represent them (AJL, UDIHR, the military, CNOUS, GOEES, etc).

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