• BAR

    by Marc Hertrich et Nicolas Adnet

    Pavilion 7.2

    In true backstage fashion with the sound and lighting controls and props, the bar and open kitchen plunge visitors behind the scenes of this timeless universe. A real forum in which visitors can take part and share the expertise of the teams, under the maxim:

    The show must go on!

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  • The creators: Nicolas Adnet & Marc Hertrich

    Photo Studio MHNA

    Architects & Designers / Studio MHNA

    Situated somewhere between a laboratory for ideas, a study on functionality and a piece of momentary poetry, the two artists tell stories from around the world in the hotels, spas and restaurants which they invent. Combining functionality with poetry, creating a “multifaceted trademark which is nevertheless recognisable” in the French spirit, is the direction which the two partners are taking, and is the common thread of all of their projects…

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