Tuesday 17th November 2020 / TALKS DURABLE - Pavilion 4

  • 10h30-11h15 Conference 

Organic, local and "social ecology": how are these values applicable in the hotel and foodservice industry?

Answers by: Cyril Aouizerate, founder of MOB Hotel / Paolo Sari, chef, consultant for MOB / Cyrielle Hariel, journalist

  • All day long

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Cyril Aouizerate studied philosophy before becoming one of the most engaging personalities in the world of urban planning in France. In 2011, he gave life to the MOB movement. First with a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn and then by developing popular hotels, MOB HOTEL -OF- THE PEOPLE. The values of this tribe are based around 6 pillars: HUMANITY, IMPERFECTION, PERPETUAL EXPERIENCE, FREEDOM, PERSEVERANCE & INCLUSION.

This contemporary vision of the hotel business with its unique energy challenges the foundations of the industry. Its bias revolves around culture and agriculture. MOB HOTEL host pioneers!T

he hybrid addresses of this tribe form places of freedom where the MOB experiments new ways of receiving, more virtuous (from a social, environmental and cultural point of view).

Cyril, a committed activist, expresses his attachment to Greater Paris by taking Saint Ouen as his headquarters (MOB HOUSE Paris les Puces opening in September 2020). He thus proposes to immerse himself in the place where the artists live, by quiting the classic tourist circuits.

At the MOB, culture is toiled on in its entirety, in a non-market form, offering clients live performances, literary conferences, radio, festivals that encourage action and reflection, by approaching subjects through a new prism. From literature to cooking and from meditation to tilling the earth, the MOB is a place for encounters and leaves the beautiful part to the space with a willingness to make people work together, share moments and create memories.

For the social ecology issues, MOB commits itself to concrete actions:

  • The MOB works on organic products in short circuits, directly from the producers to offer an organic, local and seasonal menu. Markets are also organized a Thursday on two with La Ruche qui dit oui.
  • Waste sorting, recycling and composting
  • Non-reusable plastic has been banned from the hotel. The MOB recharges for example the shower gel and shampoo pumps!
  • The MOB works on the local and the biodiversity using vegetable gardens. It also cultivates its own plants and installs beehives on the roof. A production of honey useful for the restaurant
  • Zero waste logic applies in the creation of home made cleaning products.
  • More festive, the MOB brews its own beers in Paris and Lyon.
  • The MOB supports "slow fashion" and "upcycling" via CASA 93, a social and solidarity fashion school. Other associations and missions are also supported, such as the Potosi Mission in Bolivia or the Ibaba Rwanda cooperative.