Jean Delaveyne Trophy

8th November 2022

Competition Stage - Pavilion 4



The Jean Delaveyne Trophy is organised every two years at the EquipHotel show in Paris

Its level of excellence is now well-known. It is considered by many professionals as one of the greatest French culinary trophies, but also as a springboard for the " Meilleurs Ouvriers de France “ competition.  This prestigious gourmet competition pays tribute to the famous Jean Delaveyne, a Michelin-star chef and pastry chef nicknamed "the Sorcerer of Bougival" because of his creative character and his desire to keep on reinventing himself.

Over the years, the Jean Delaveyne Trophy has maintained its level of excellence thanks to his creativity and professionalism.

2022 JURY

Jury President

Jean-François GIRARDIN - MOF 1994

President of the National Society of the Best Craftsmen of France

Honorary President of the Jury

Guy LEGAY - MOF 1972

Former kitchen manager of the Ritz Paris


Bertrand Philippe - MOF 1996

Buron Stéphane - MOF 2004

Caillet Pierre - MOF 2011

Chambenoit Kevin - MOF 2015

Collet Stéphane - MOF 2019

Danjou Jean-Luc - MOF 1986

Delaveyne Agnès - Jean Delaveyne's Grand Daughter

Desvignes Fabrice - MOF 2015 - Head of the kitchens of the Elysée Palace

Enguehard Martial - MOF 1991

Fournis Emmanuel - Consultant, Maître d'Hôtel and Restaurant Teacher

Haton Christophe - MOF 2011

Joannes Philippe - MOF 2000

Juhel Patrick - MOF 2000

Leclerre Johann - MOF 2007

Lorieux Emmanuel - Nestle Professional

Massé Jean-Jacques - MOF 1997

Mille Philippe - MOF 2011

Millet Christian - President of the Cuisiniers de France

Nave Michel - MOF 2004

Putelat Franck - MOF 2019

Quantin Christophe - MOF 1993

Roth Michel - MOF 1991 and Bocuse d’Or winner 1991

Roucheteau Julien - MOF 2018

Sale Nicolas 

Simonin Frédéric - MOF 2019

Tachet Jean-Marc - MOF 1993

Tirel Michel - Jean Delaveyne

Tissot Davy - MOF 2004 and Bocuse d’Or winer2021

Urraca Philippe - MOF 1993

Widehem Michel - MOF 2004

Organising Committee

Marie Sauce-Bourreau - President of Les Toques Françaises

François Adamski - MOF - Vice-President of Les Toques Françaises

Bernard Leprince - MOF - Vice-President of Les Toques Françaises

Patrick Druart - Director of the Vie Associative Les Toques Françaises

Mickael Mouragnon - Manager of the Vie Associative Les Toques Françaises

Nicolas Rutard - Director of the Vie Associative Les Toques Françaises

Fabrice Pottier - Director of the Vie Associative Les Toques Françaises

Mathieu Scherrer - Director Vie Associative Les Toques Françaises



Created in 2000, the Association of TOQUES FRANCAISES aims to promote French gastronomy in France and around the world, to defend quality products and terroirs, to allow an accompaniment and improvement of young chefs and the evolution of its members.

The association achieves its objectives in particular thanks to the many events for the general public and professionals that it organises: culinary demonstrations, gastronomic events, support and presence at charitable actions and quality events.

The Association of TOQUES FRANCAISES encourages the most talented young chefs with the Jean Delaveyne Trophy, but it also rewards the most experienced chefs with the titles of Toque de l'Année and Toque d'Honneur awarded each year.

Chaired since 2015 by Marie SAUCE-BOURREAU, the association does not want to be elitist, it is open to everyone, professionals of the food trade or gastronomes.

The only condition required is a passion for French gastronomy, a love of work well done and a desire to pass on the knowledge to the greatest number.